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Premier Safety Compliance

Drug and Alcohol Info

Below is the basic law concerning Drug and alcohol regs

Alcohol and Substance abuse:

No driver who uses or test positive for alcohol or drugs shall be allowed to be in a safety sensitive position (including, driving, loading, etc. of any commercial vehicle, and also any heavy machinery ). Any driver alleged to have used drugs or alcohol may continue to drive only after proving clear and convincing proof to the Medical Review Officer that the drug (if any ) was prescribed by a licensed physician, and/or proof that their blood alcohol concentration does not exceed the maximum allowable limit of 0.04 or greater (ref. 49 CFR 382.201).


Prohibitions:  A driver may not report to duty if :

They are under the influence of alcohol or have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater: or

They are under the influence of drugs, have tested positive, for any controlled substance, or under any prescribed drug which may adversely affect their ability to safety operate a vehicle or other machinery, or other safety sensitive position.

US DOT requires all persons in a safety sensitive position to participate in a random substance abuse program,  provide this type of service at our Commerce and Long Beach locations and are able to provide your substance abuse compliance needs as well as consortium program where all you have to do is leave the program in our hands and not worry about a thing
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