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Premier Safety Compliance

About Us

Who we are

    Premier Safety Compliance (formerly known as Five-Star Fleet Safety Services ) was founded in 1993. "During the audits I was performing while with the CHP I saw the need for someone to provide good and accurate information, and considering that I had the best training in the world with the CHP, I founded Five-Star Safety". Since our inception we have helped over 150 clients pass their CHP & DOT compliance audits.
    All of our inspectors have met and exceeded the standards required by the US DOT , (although the US DOT or CHP does not certify anyone, CVSA does provide this certification which I have),  their training, and experience by far is one of the best in the safety consulting industry. It is not our service alone that brings compliance but a team effort between ourselves and the client who we serve whether it be a company of 150 drivers and vehicles or the single owner/operator.
     Our Rates are the most competitive in this industry, and we have clients who have been with us since our inception. We hope you take a moment to review what we can offer and consider our abilities as well as experience to meet your safety compliance needs.

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